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As a movement submitted to Jesus’s leadership, we are about making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

That means that we are constantly developing as leaders and helping each other step into leadership roles and opportunities. As Jesus modeled for us, we are committed to sacrificial servant leadership, not seeking glory for ourselves but giving of ourselves to love our campus and each other.

Jesus has equipped his disciples with many different gifts, strengths, and inclinations, providing what is needed for the work he’s given us to do. Below are some of the ways in which students are serving Jesus in Cru.

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Every Tuesday night from 9–11 PM, we gather as a movement to focus our hearts on Jesus, share the struggles and successes of living for Jesus at Cornell, align under our vision, be trained and equipped to carry out ministry, and take ownership of the ministry of Cru at Cornell. These meetings are open to anyone, and if you find yourself in a leadership role in Cru, or wanting to serve in Cru, you are encouraged to attend.


Community Groups are the backbone of our ministry. Meeting throughout the week and across the campus, these groups of students are where life-on-life ministry happens. Every CG is led by two or three students or staff who pour themselves into their group, facilitating community, Bible study, prayer, discipleship, and evangelism.

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The Turtle Troops strategize, equip, and mobilize a movement of prayer for our campus, our ministry, our community, and our alumni.


Singing at Real Life (our weekly meeting) is led by three different bands who lead on a rotating schedule. As a part of Praise Team, singers and musicians are not just given opportunities to make music, but are trained in their craft and discipled towards a deeper understanding of musical worship.



Community Team facilitates key events throughout the years such as the Cru Christmas Party and Cru Dessert, as well as plans occasional events for after Real Life. If you like to facilitate community through planning events, this team is for you.


Service Team maintains partnerships with local nonprofits and rallies Cru to serve off campus in the Ithaca community. Current partners include Second Wind Cottages, Habitat for Humanity, and Community Faith Partners.

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Professional Sound Mixer


Tech Team is responsible for production (sound, lighting, projection) at Real Life and other Cru events. We will train you to set up a band, run a soundboard, and produce events in an undistracting way. No experience required.


Every August, on the Tuesday through Thursday before freshmen move in, we gather in Ithaca for several days of reconnecting, training, and preparing for the new school year. These days are a great opportunity to get excited and equipped to welcome new students to campus, launch Community Groups, and hit the ground running as people start moving back to Ithaca.

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