Our Friday Night Jesus Party meets weekly at 8 PM on Zoom.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” We believe that real life is found only in Jesus. So we gather together every week to learn about him, worship him, and welcome the campus to join us. As a community formed by Jesus and united in the gospel, our Friday night gatherings reflect one of the most diverse experiences Cornell has to offer — people from different cultures, countries, languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political persuasions coming together to worship Jesus.

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Welcome. Our emcee kicks us off at 8 PM, welcoming us, explaining a bit about Cru and Real Life, and inviting us to take a few minutes to meet some new people.

GO Moment. Our emcee will invite up a student or two to share about a missions or ministry experience they’ve had. These are opportunities to celebrate the work that God is doing through our movement around the world. You’ll hear from teams who have been to East Asia, South Africa, Wildwood, NJ, and more, and be given opportunities to learn more about how you can join these trips next year.

Teaching. One of our staff or a guest speaker teaches us from the Bible. The Bible is the most important book in the world, has stood the test of time, and has changed the course of world history. What’s more, we believe that in the Bible God actually speaks to us. So we teach through parts of it, helping make sense of it and apply it to the Cornell context.

Announcements. We close out the meeting with announcements as our emcee tells us about events that are coming up in Cru and the community.

Zoom Breakout Hangout. We end the night in breakout rooms. We usually have a few discussion questions, and these provide an opportunity to meet a few people and deepen some friendships.



Fun Fellowship Activity Things (FFATs) are organized by our Community Team and happen after Real Life.

Some examples include bonfires, a Root Beer Rampage, Human Battleship, pumpkin carving, and board game nights.

Not every week has a FFAT, however, and often we all head together to Denny’s to hang out.