As a movement we look forward to some big things that we do together every year.

Due to COVID-19, many of these things will look different, but the list below will introduce you to a "normal" year in Cru.



Every August, thousands of new students move to Cornell and we are eager to offer “gospitality.” Through events like Glow-in-the-Dark Ultimate Frisbee, Big Red Ball, and our Gospitality Lounge, we want to create fun spaces to connect as you settle into life in Ithaca. We host a Root Beer Rampage the first week after Real Life, and a Bonfire on Beebe Lake the second week after Real Life, to give you a space to meet other new students and upperclassmen.

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In late September or early October, 150 of us head to Long Point Camp to join with Cru students from across Upstate New York for our annual Fall Getaway. With a special guest speaker, singing led by bands from Cornell and other campuses, campus time, free time, a square dance, this is not to be missed. Countless students point to this event as where Cru really became family for them.

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The Iron Man men’s retreat is a Saturday afternoon and evening full of fire, paintball, great food and great times.  It's a opportunity to
experience and learn what manhood is truly about from the man that gave us the perfect model for manhood, Jesus.


Oasis is an overnight women's retreat filled with good conversation, lots of food, and fun fellowship activities.  It's a night to get away with your friends, and to make some new ones.  It's an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and love for Jesus.

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Every December, our Christmas Party serves to cap off the semester as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflect together on the community that he’s been forming in Cru.


Cru hosts winter conferences throughout the United States. Find some friends who live near you and road trip together to the nearest conference for a days full of teaching, training, singing, and even a Day of Service in the local community.

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House in the Snow


During Cornell's February break, we spend several days together near on or near campus playing together and spending time with God in prayer, his Word, singing, and teaching.


Plan to spend your spring break serving and learning with Cru! Recent trips have taken us to Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York City, and Panama City Beach, FL.



Every May, we dress up all fancy and send off our seniors at Cru Dessert. Come celebrate the end of the school year and say goodbye to everyone graduating.


Cru has partnerships all over the country and the world, and a summer spent on a Cru summer mission trip is a life changing experience. Our region has partnerships in East Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, Yellowstone, and Wildwood, NJ, and exciting work is being done in each place. The summer after your freshman year is the best time to go on a trip, but it’s never too late.

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Every August, on the Tuesday through Thursday before freshmen move in, we gather in Ithaca for several days of reconnecting, training, and preparing for the new school year. These days are a great opportunity to get excited and equipped to welcome new students to campus, launch Community Groups, and hit the ground running as people start moving back to Ithaca.