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Team Leaders

We are originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico and we’ve been on staff with Cru since 2001. We love hanging out with college students talking about our awesome savior Jesus. Before serving here in central NY, we were on staff in Sevilla, Spain, and Kearney Nebraska. Our life is an exciting adventure of faith. We’ve got five kids who we really love a lot: Jack, Josiah, Titus, Ruby, and Juni. They keep us wild and crazy. Our family likes bikes, books and bean burritos from Taco Bell.

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Team Leaders

We’ve been on staff with Cru since 2006 and are originally from Maine and New Hampshire.  We love watching God transform students' lives and set them on a trajectory to follow Him for a lifetime. We have three boys, Jack, Charlie, and Max, and a little girl named Tessa. Our family loves the outdoors, legos, rough housing, and following Christ on this great adventure.

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Caroline joined full-time staff with Cru at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) after she graduated in 2012. During her time there, she connected with and mentored both American and international students. Simon volunteered for four years with the ministry after he graduated from UNH while working as an engineer. After that, God called Simon to go into full-time ministry. He served two years in overseas missions with Cru reaching college students in the Middle East and East Asia. We got married August 2017 and have now combined our passions for sharing the gospel with college students. Simon loves swimming, basketball and Asian food. Caroline enjoys cycling, skiing, hiking and anything outdoors. We are thrilled to serve together at Cornell!

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Cru interns typically graduate from Cornell and then stay for 1–2 years doing campus ministry alongside the long-term staff.


Hello! I grew up in Utica, NY and recently graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Childhood Education. This year, I am super excited to continue to see God work at Cortland and also get to know the community at Cornell! I love card games, dancing, chai tea, and corn on the cob!

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‘Sup y’all! I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I just graduated from Cornell this past May with a Biological science degree and a concentration in Human Nutrition. There is no place that I would rather be this year than being on campus and witnessing the Spirit move in unbelievable ways. My hobbies include exercising, anything out doors (camping, hiking, etc.) and enjoying time with friends and family! 

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What’s good y’all! I’m from NYC and graduated in 2019 with a Bio major (Neuroscience concentration) and a minor in Arabic. I am super excited to work with Cru this year and meet you all! I love Taekwondo, cycling, playing guitar, reading, stuffing my face with food, good movies, and good times.

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Hey guys! I am from Long Island, NY and graduated in 2019 with a degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Real Estate. I am so excited to walk alongside the students in Cru this year as Part-time Field Staff. I knew that I was called to join the ministry during my senior year at Cornell, while recruiting for jobs but feeling no desire for anything other than staying with Cru in Ithaca. For my other part-time job I will be doing freelance green building consulting. I love adventuring in nature, reading a good book, and can talk to you about my passion for buildings and city planning for hours.

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Hey friends! I'm from Queens, NY and I graduated from Cornell in May 2018 with a degree in civil engineering. I am beyond excited to work with Cru for a second year and continue to experience God at work on this campus. I love playing guitar, taking pictures, going to coffee shops, and going on random adventures - come hang out with me sometime!

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We graduated from Cornell in 2008 (Ben) and 2009 (Hannah) and were profoundly impacted by our experience with Cru. After graduation, we spent time in Minneapolis and did grad school in Philadelphia (Westminster Seminary for Ben, University of Pennsylvania for Hannah) before following God’s call to return to Ithaca. Ben is a freelance web developer working for Desiring God and the Director of Campus Ministries at Christ Chapel, the church we attend. Hannah takes care of our three kids — Elijah, David, and Lydia. We both enjoy getting on campus, spending time with students, and letting our kids run around at Cru events.

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Hi everyone! This upcoming year will be my 8th year living in Ithaca - five years of studying Mechanical Engineering at Cornell (during which I became a Christian!), one year as an Intern with Cru, and this will be my second year working as a Product Engineer with BorgWarner, a global automotive engineering company. I have a passion for working with and learning about people and cultures from all different backgrounds, and I look forward to using my time as a volunteer with Cru to help students to embrace the immense diversity of this unique campus! Having spent a year in East Asia on STINT with Cru and hoping to move there in the long-term, I also look forward to practicing my "East-Asianese" so please feel free to help me practice!

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